laupäev, märts 17, 2007

-"HIV is the best thing that ever happened to me."
-"Are you serious?!"
-"Yes. Before that I used to be one of the good guys. I always followed the rules. Then I got HIV and it changed my life completely. I found out that playing by the rules is what makes other people happy. Now I`m happy."

Eileõhtune Dr. House oli ikka üle prahi.
Eriti see koht, kus... "Oh, come one, Chase, don`t start acting the good boy." Ma istusin teleka ees, suu üllatusest lahti. Vanad head ajad tulid meelde =)

Mis on tegelikult halb. Sest ma olen nüüd kind of vulnerable. Kes ees, see ees ;)

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