teisipäev, märts 25, 2008

I would tell you about the things they put me through,
the pain I`ve been subjected to
but the lord himself would blush.
The countless feasts laid at my feet,
forbidden fruits for me to eat
but I think your pulse would start to rush.

Now I`m not looking for absolution,
forgiveness for the things I do
but before you come to any conclusions
try walking in my shoes.
Try walking in my shoes.

You`ll stumble in my footsteps,
keep the same appointments I kept
if you try walking in my shoes.

Morality would frown upon,
decency look down upon
the scapegoat fate`s made of me
but I promise you, my judge and jurors -
my intentions couldn`t have been purer.
My case is easy to see.

I`m not looking for a clearer conscience,
peace of mind after what I`ve been through
and before we talk of any repentance
try walking in my shoes.
Try walking in my shoes.


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